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April 2018


CALL TO ORDER: Rod Schauf called the April Meeting at 6pm at Crowne Plaza Seattle.  A quorum was present.

Michael Dierdorff Apex Flooring

 Scott Pinson Bellevue Club

 Padraic McGinnis Courtyard by Marriott – Federal Way

 Henriques Ramson Courtyard by Marriott – Pioneer Square

 Michael Moore Crowne Plaza Seattle

 Gary Tapley Four Seasons Seattle

 Mike Edwards Graybar Electric

 Rick Schneider Harold’s Lighting

 Larry Maker Hilton Seattle

 Rey Sales Hotel 1000

 Brian Cunningham Hotel Andra

 Rod Schauf Sheraton Seattle

 Sam Holland Summit Sealants

 William Long Long Consulting Group (presenter)


William Long with Long Consulting Group presented his area of expertise to help facilities better prepare for: 1) Investigations including employment matters, civil litigation and criminal cases; 2) Providing workplace violence prevention training, policy development and threat management; 3) Providing defensive firearms training, and 4) Serving as an expert witness lin civil and criminal litigation.  William Long is a retired FBI Agent with over 25 years of service with a background as lead criminal investigator, SWAT Team Leader and Tactical Skills Instructor.  He provided in depth knowledge on his Active Shooter Response Training which includes identifying specific risks and applying practical strategies in active shooter situations.  This training is customized for workplaces and groups in the private sector, public agencies, and educational institutions. 


Mike Edwards provided Treasurer’s Report that the current checkbook balance was $13,938.30 with all bills paid in full.  As of 4/26/18, we have 25 paid members for the year 2018 (19 hotels, 4 vendors, 2 utility)(Quorum=10).  All 2018 PSHEA Invoices have been sent for payment by March 31, 2018.



We all rose and repeated the Pledge of Allegiance.

Rod Schauf thanked Michael Moore/Crowne Plaza Seattle for hosting the meeting.

Rod Schauf introduced Rey Seles, new Chief Engineer at Hotel 1000.

Rod Schauf presented Henriques Ramson for his term as PSHEA President with a small token of the Association’s appreciation for his service to PSHEA.

PSHEA Trade Show was been pushed back to the due to vendor availability at the April Meeting.  Remember we all need to promote this special meeting to hotels.  Membership Committee (Tim Altier, Sara White, Neil Davaz, Charlie Prib, Mike Edwards, and Tim Bartholomew) is coordinating efforts to hold the Trade Show in conjunction with the PSHEA November Monthly Meeting.  UPDATE: We have 9 vendors & 4 utilities willing to help support a Trade Show.  Gary Tapley can be contacted via email at

PSHEA Board of Directors to follow-up with AC Moate Industries Sales Rep to see what 2018 Mariners’ game we could coordinate to have PSHEA Members attend a presentation and then enjoy the ballgame.  AC Moate Industries is a full service parking lot construction and maintenance company.  With their vast suite of services, they offer clients a first class solution to all of their parking lot needs.

Possible future speakers from, or on the following topics: American Red Cross; Renovation Management Oversight; Manage Engineering Efficiently; Guest Room Technology; Roofing (Inspections, Projects, etc.); Asset Protection & Documentation.  Submit Qs/Speakers to David Gault, Secretary for distribution.

A roundtable was held for members to share its activity in the past month.

Regulatory Updates

COS Building Tune-up Ordinance – This new requirement comply with this ordinance has been postponed to early 2019 but everyone should continue pursuing compliance with good due diligence to get it done to be ready for enforcement.


The May 2018 PSHEA Meeting to be held at Bellevue Club n May 31, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The June 2018 PSHEA Meeting to be held at RestorX DKi on June 28, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The July 2018 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on July 26, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The August 2018 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on August 30, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The September 2018 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on September 27, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The October 2018 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on October 25, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The November 2018 PSHEA Meeting & Trade Show to be held at TBD on November 29, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The December 2018 PSHEA Meeting is cancelled for Annual Holiday Dinner at TBD on December 6th or 13th at 6pm with reception at 530pm.

The January 2019 Annual PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on January 31, 2019.  We will hold the Election of 2019 PSHEA Officers.

The February 2019 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on February 28, 2019.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The March 2019 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on March 28, 2019.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The April 2019 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on April 25, 2019.  Topic of discussion: TBD.


Rod Schauf adjourned the April Meeting at 730pm.

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