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October  2017


CALL TO ORDER: Henriques Ramson called the October Meeting at 545pm at RestorX DKi Facility.  A quorum was not present.

Neil Davaz Advance Entry Systems

 Tim Bartholomew Apex Flooring

 Tony Creveling Apex Flooring

 Padraic McGinnis Courtyard by Marriott – Federal Way

 Henriques Ramson Courtyard by Marriott – Pioneer Square

 Wayne Ruedinger Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport

 Rick Gressett Embassy Suites – SeaTac

 David Gault Fairmont Olympic Hotel

 Mike Edwards Graybar Electric

 Rick Schneider Harold’s Lighting

 Mike Irish Hollander Hospitality

 Scott Pinson Motif Seattle

 Pam Schmitt RestorX DKI of Washington

 Ed Bergman Retirement Inn at Black Diamond

 George Barnes Salish Lodge & Spa

 Sara White Sherwin Williams


No speaker.


Mike Edwards provided Treasurer’s Report that the current checkbook balance was $13,384.70 with all bills paid in full.  As of 10/26/17, we have 33 paid members for the year 2017 (20 hotels, 9 vendors, 4 utility)(Quorum=13.2/14).


Henriques Ramson thanked RestorX DKi for hosting the meeting a month earlier to meet and unexpected cancellation; we had wonderful Olive Garden dinner.

We all rose and repeated the Pledge of Allegiance.

PSHEA Trade Show is being planned to be held possibly at Q1 2018 prior to the actual monthly meeting.  Setting this date will allow PSHEA to focus on membership.  Membership Committee (Tim Altier, Sara White, Neil Davaz, Charlie Prib, Mike Edwards, and Tim Bartholomew) is coordinating efforts to hold the Trade Show in conjunction with the PSHEA Monthly Meeting.  UPDATE: We have 9 vendors & 4 utilities willing to help support a Trade Show to be held in March or April 2018.  Gary Tapley can be contacted via email at

At a previous meeting, Henriques stated that in the past the baseball game and holiday party have been lightly attended and solicited ideas for other activities (i.e. Emerald Downs, Thunderbirds, UW/Seattle University Basketball, etc.)  Rick Gressett previously provided info about T-Birds that tickets range from $17-$22 and their new season wouldn’t start until September 2017.  Mariners’ season is now thru September 2017.  Also, the consensus at the April PSHEA Meeting of members present is that we should do a Holiday Party over a sporting event.  PSHEA Board of Directors met on May 23rd to consider suggestions for attending an August Mariners’ Game or a T-Birds game in the fall.  The PSHEA Board of Directors met and decided the following to present to the PSHEA Membership:

  • a. If a PSHEA Sporting Event is planned for this year, we would not cancel the regularly scheduled meeting in its place in the same month;
     b. Seattle Thunderbirds would be a great alternative to our typical Seattle Mariners game;
  • c. Would PSHEA like to have activity on weekend or just during the week??  Discussion at this meeting discovered there was interest.  The Seattle T-Birds typically have games on Tuesday @705pm, Wednesday @ 705pm, Friday @ 735pm, Saturday @ 7pm and Sunday @ 505pm.
  • d. With those present at the August Meeting, members present preferred a Tuesday or Wednesday or Sunday (not to interfere with Seahawks) game.  The PSHEA Board will pursue what game to recommend to the membership.

At July 2017 PSHEA Meeting, Tim Bartholomew said he’d follow-up with Mike Dierdorff who offered to check with a vendor who makes presentations at Seattle Mariners Games and then offers attendees to stay for the game.  We have reached out to the Sales Rep with AC Moate Industries to see if this was a possibility for one of the remaining Seattle Mariners’ game.  We heard back but there weren’t many game options left in the 2017 Mariners’ season but did extend and invite to make it happen during the 2018 Mariners’ season.

Possible future speakers from, or on the following topics: American Red Cross; Renovation Management Oversight; Manage Engineering Efficiently; Guest Room Technology; Roofing (Inspections, Projects, etc.); Asset Protection & Documentation.  Submit Qs/Speakers to David Gault, Secretary for distribution.

At June 2017 Meeting, Rod Schauf mentioned that SPU is expected to have 5.5% average increase over the next 6 years due to many of the construction projects that they need to maintain their combined sewer overflows.  Sept 2017 UPDATE:  Seattle City Council delayed their vote on 13 amendments until October.  Rod Schauf will pass onto PSHEA what he learns from the results of the amendments.

Regulatory Updates

New Confidence Testing Reporting Program in 2017 – Dave Gault provided all hotels attending Seattle Fire Department’s recent notification of their proposed Administrative Rule which is to go into effect July 1, 2017.

New SFD High-Rise Building Inspection Program in 2017 (July 1st to December 31st) – Dave Gault provided his version of the Building Information Card he created with the required information for his SFD High-Rise Building Inspection on June 29th which took approximately 3+ hours to get through all the building spaces.  SFD High-Rise Building Inspections are being conducted in the Seattle Downtown area, Pioneer Square and South Lake Union and commences July 1, 2017.

COS Building Tune-up Ordinance – This requirement compliance is not until 2018 but there are many steps required to get done to comply.


The November 2017 PSHEA Meeting to be held at Plaza 600 Conference Room hosted by ThyssenKrupp Elevator  on November 30, 2017.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The December 2017 PSHEA Meeting is cancelled for annual Holiday Dinner at Motif Seattle on December 7th at 6pm.  Menu Selection to be sent to all paid members.

The January 2018 Annual PSHEA Meeting to be held at Renaissance Seattle on January 25, 2018.  We will hold the Election of 2018 PSHEA Officers.

The February 2018 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on February 22, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The March 2018 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on March 29, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The April 2018 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on April 26, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The May 2018 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on May 31, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The June 2018 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on June 28, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The July 2018 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on July 26, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The August 2018 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on August 30, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The September 2018 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on September 27, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The October 2018 PSHEA Meeting to be held at on October 25, 2018.  Topic of discussion: TBD.


Henriques Ramson adjourned the October Meeting at 645pm.

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